Grey Canopy from LuMac

This photo of the grey canopy from LuMac was sent in to us by a happy customer from Doncaster. Because the sleek design has been kept minimal the frame can be added to, in this case with fencing panels.

Perfect as a carport or canopy

At LuMac we are proud of the versatility of our canopy systems. They can be used as carports, garden canopies, to cover a walkway or even a hot tub!

The frames can be supplied in a White, Brown or this Grey finish so there is a colour to suit every home. The roofing options are 16mm polycarbonate as shown in this example, or our amazing Clear as Glass option shown below.

How to measure for your grey canopy from LuMac?

To start with all that is needed is the length and projection you would like your canopy to be. Therefore the measuring process is simple, as you can mark out on the ground the rectangle shape you would like to cover. We can then provide a quote and help you with any other questions such as the height. The height of the canopy is flexible, this is explained further here:

The photo below shows the measurements you will need to start your journey to a LuMac canopy:

If you would like more information or have any questions at all just contact our friendly team. We can help you to plan for your own canopy just in time for the summer! Click here for a quote: