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Feel free to send us photos of the area you wish to cover with Canopy and we’ll call or email you back to discuss your project with you & offer no-obligation advice.You can also contact us for more details.

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Supply & Install Canopy

Not only can we supply the canopy, but unlike many other canopy companies we can also provide a professional fitting 

service where needed. The installation team have many years of experience and can carry out all types of builds, including residential, commercial

 and schools. This option is great if the canopy is larger, in a more confined area, or if you simply would rather not have to build your own.

The team complete all the groundworks required, including lifting and re-laying patio slabs for the footings if required. 

We start by asking

 for a photo of the area, in order to provide an accurate quote, and at this point the team are available to talk though any issues 

are concerns you may have. Once the canopy has been ordered the fitting team will arrange a convenient time for the install, 

usually around 3-4 days after the canopy has been delivered.

Most build projects can be completed in one day depending on location, but the team will travel all over the UK if needed. 

Get in touch today to plan your canopy project and let the fitting team do all the hard work for you.


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