If you are fitting the LuMac Canopy kit yourself, below are some useful documents that will assist you in working out dimensions and understanding the fitting steps:


Fitting my LuMac Canopy took just one day, the instructions were great!

Bob Steven

Send us Photos for Canopy Fitting

Our canopies are very easy to fit with a limited DIY experience.

Please complete this form to the right and we will reply with a fitting estimate from independent installers in your area.

The independent fitters we recommend have been trained to very 

high standards and have their work overseen by a senior member of 

the LuMac team before we recommend them to you.


At LuMac we believe in providing affordable solutions which are simple in design, to give the customer the option of fitting the product themselves. The ordering process is also straightforward so that we can deliver the perfect product within a time frame that suits you.


We appreciate that your home is important to you so we make sure 

fitters understand everything is kept as clean and tidy as possible & of course your garden or driveway will be left as neat as it was when they arrived.

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