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Practical and stylish

Practical and stylish…

LuMac Canopies offer a practical and stylish solution for any outside space. Available in a range of colour finishes for both the roof and frame. They are designed with simplicity in mind, in order to create that sleek modern look. This also means they are a great base for adding lights, trellis or even screens for privacy. Luckily our customers’ send in great example photo’s of their canopies, like this one below from Zoe:

Practical and stylish canopy

To chat to us today to plan your own canopy project, call our contact number 01462 888073. Alternatively you can request a quote using this link; https://www.lumaccanopies.co.uk/quote

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Courtyard canopy

All LuMac canopies are made to measure, which means we supply any size you need. From the smaller project, like this lovely courtyard canopy, right up to school canopies. The canopies are also available in a range of colour options to suit any home. Isobel opted for the Anthracite grey finish and sent us this photo and review of the finished canopy:

“After a long wait to get my courtyard canopy fitted, it’s here at last and I couldn’t be more happy.   The look exceeded all my expectations and the joiner who fitted it is going to look into getting one himself😊. We also have others in my street that are seriously thinking about ordering too.

Thanks again for a brilliant product.

Best wishes


CONTACT US: You can request a quote here at any time: https://www.lumaccanopies.co.uk/quote

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Working around pipework for canopy

Working around pipework

One question we are asked often is how do you manage working around pipework. Each property has a unique setting, and the majority of those can be made to work for the canopy. In this case Doug sent us a photo of the drain pipes on the attaching wall. This is a good place to start as we can then advise on how to best fit the canopy. The fitting team discussed the solution with our customer and completed the build with a neat finish. Doug sent us this review: ”Thanks for everything Claire really love it can’t wait till summer!”

Get your quote today:

Our friendly team are available to discuss your project. Give us a call or fill out the simple online form for a quote here: https://www.lumaccanopies.co.uk/quote

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What are the benefits of sinking the canopy legs?

There are many benefits to sinking the canopy legs. Not all canopy systems use this technique, but it is the only way to ensure longevity. Rosalind is a LuMac customer who had a patio area already down when she ordered her canopy. Our skilled fitting team lifted the relevant slabs to allow the legs to be set into footings.


The footing has been designed by structural engineers to have the correct depth and width for the 75mm squared leg support. The footing has a thin layer of concrete to make a level base for the leg, which is then backfilled. This method of sinking the canopy legs means they have a substantial surround, and can handle all weather conditions. The slabs can then be fitted back around the legs once set, making a neat finish.

The finished result:

White canopy with legs sunk into footings.

Rosalind kindly sent us this review:

It would be great to mention your fitting service with Dave. I only found out about your fitting service when I looked at the reviews on your site.
I had advertised for someone DIW to fit the canopy and the price was more than Dave had quoted for, and in the end the guy asked if the instructions were included in the pack.
Dave was most experienced with erecting the canopies. From start to finish, he knew what was needed and they worked fantastically .
If any of my neighbours comment on our canopy I will certainly direct them to your site and service.”

If you would like a quote please click here: http://www.lumaccanopies/quote

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Grey Canopy Dining Area

This grey canopy dining area is simply stunning. Perfect for relaxing, and the Anthracite Grey frame matches beautifully with the Bi-fold doors. Part of the wall cladding was removed for the canopy wall plate, because this ensures a strong fix.

Grey canopy with footings

Adding accesories:

LuMac garden canopies can transform a space, especially when our customers add beautiful accessories. The addition of a decorative lamp post enhances the look, and you can just imagine sitting here on a lovely summer evening.

Grey canopy over Bi-fold doors.

Create your own outside dining space:

Contact us today to receive your free, no obligation quote. Our friendly team will be happy to talk through your project.

Click here: https://lumaccanopies.co.uk/canopies-quote/

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LuMac Canopy

Simple White Canopy

At LuMac we understand how much outside space means to everyone. This past year we have loved helping our customers maximise the time they can spend outdoors, like with this simple white canopy. With all the restrictions we have faced, our home has become our sanctuary. A LuMac canopy really can make your garden a place you can spend time in all year round.

LuMac Canopy

This Lean To canopy fitted to this beautiful house looks stunning. It provides year round shade and protection from the elements. The lean to is also great for storing that garden furniture!

Get a quote for your white canopy today:

Contact us today for a quote and begin planning your own canopy project:


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canopy with balcony

Stunning Canopy

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This Lean To canopy with balcony above is the perfect example of how they can really transform a space. The garden space was already beautiful, but improved even more with the addition of the canopy.

Our skilled installation team lifted the relevant paving and sunk the legs into concrete footings. This is to ensure a solid base in any weather. The top was then set with stones to create a seamless finished look.

Contact us:

Get in touch today to start planning your own canopy project. Our online quote form lists the information we need to send you your own tailored quote.

Click here: https://lumaccanopies.co.uk/canopies-quote/

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Create a Zen garden space with LuMac Canopies

Creating a Zen garden space

With outside space more important than ever you can create an amazing area to relax in with a LuMac Canopy. Creating a Zen garden space is easier than you think, with our elegant canopy design which suits any garden.

We have a number of colour options to choose from for both the frame and roof panels, plus our exclusive Clear as Glass system. This is a 6mm plate polycarbonate which we use as it has the appearance of glass but is much stronger and safer.

White framed Lean To canopy system

Customer Review:

Thought you might like this photo of your product from under our glass veranda showing a nice touch with the fake vines & grapes and also low voltage lights. We love the outlook and so pleased we choose your product for our garden space, many thanks Colin Butler

How can I get a LuMac canopy for my Garden space?

The process is very straight forward, simply take some measurements of the space you would like to cover. Next, pick your frame colour and roof type using our gallery to see each of the finishes. Finally, fill out our online quote request form and we will send you a tailored quote on the same day.

Remember, our canopy system’s are made to measure so we can make any size needed. Our friendly team are on hand if you have any questions, or need more advice. Click the link below for our easy online quote form and plan your own garden space transformation today!

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White Lean To Canopy

White Lean To Canopy

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This customer chose our White Lean To Canopy and as a result it matches in perfectly with their home. There is also an option to have an Anthracite Grey finish on the frame work. The roofing material shown here is the 16mm polycarbonate in the clear option.

Setting the legs:

As this customer had an existing patio where the legs would sit the individual slabs were lifted and concrete pads laid underneath, because this provides the best base for the canopy in any weather. The slabs were then cut back around the sleek leg posts in order to create a seamless finish.

Down pipe on attaching wall for Lean To Canopy:

In this build there was a down pipe on the attaching wall. To overcome this an extra section of pipe was added to divert around the edge of the canopy. This is the best option if the pipe is near the end of the canopy. The photo below shows how this was acheived:

Contact us:

To start planning your own White Lean To Canopy simply measure the space you would like to cover and fill out our online request form. We can also be reached via email here:

Our team are always available to talk through your project on:

I am so glad I made that first call, I am really happy with the end result!


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Grey canopy

Grey canopy with extension

Take a look at this gorgeous setting for our Grey canopy, which features an extension to run the canopy past the end of the attaching wall.

Progress of the canopy:

This image shows the Heavy duty wall plate used to enable to the overhang section. As this was more than 1 metre there was also a rear support leg used to provide structural stability.

Contact us

Our team are waiting to help with your own canopy plans, simply click the link below:

We are always here to help and answer your questions so please feel free to