Bespoke canopies

Our bespoke canopies can be any length and up to 4.5m projection in the Lean To style. Therefore, if the size you require is in between the ones shown on our price list that is no problem. You would simple purchase the next size up and we cut it to your specification. Plus, it is all part of the price you see. Because with LuMac there are no hidden extras. 

Bespoke canopy

We are often asked about drainage. The canopy has been cleverly designed with it’s own integral gutter. This runs along the front of the canopy. Then you can choose to run the water down one or all of the legs. Some of our customers add a soak away at the bottom of one leg. Or, as in this example they utilise their current drainage. You can always add a water butt to conserve the water too. Also, we can provide a spigot to help with this. 

bespoke canopy

Contact us for your own bespoke canopies

The LuMac team are always available to answer any questions. Because we like to cover all bases, you can call, email or even use our new Whats App feature. If you know the size of canopy you would like you can request a quote here: Canopy Quote. 

For frame colour information use this link:

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