Stylish grey canopy

This stylish grey canopy from LuMac is our most recent build. The anthracite frames contrast perfectly with the white finish on the building. Creating a modern and timeless end result. 

Stylish grey canopy

Canopy over Bi-fold doors

The lean to canopy is ideal to cover Bi-fold doors as it provides year round protection. It allows the doors to be used even in less pleasant weather than we are having now. The height of the canopy is flexible. If you have questions on how a canopy could work for you just let us know. 

How to get your own stylish grey canopy

It doesn’t have to be grey…we do white frames too! Whichever finish you are looking for we can help. If you would like a quick quote you can click here: LuMac Canopies – Quotes, or call us anytime on 01462 888073. To view the RAL colours click here: RAL. We can also provide a fitting service if needed, contact us for more information on this. 

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