Hot tub canopy with star views

Take a look at this Clear as Glass Lean To, it is the perfect hot tub canopy with star views. The Clear as Glass is a 6mm plate polycarbonate which has the look of glass, but with the benefit of being much stronger and lighter. Subsequently, almost no light is lost by adding a canopy to your house, even when covering windows and doors.

Grey hot tub cover

With different levels in a garden the canopy can still be fitted seamlessly into the design. The wall plate has been attached to the fascia in this case, due to height restrictions. This can work as long as the fixings can go into the roof joists behind the board. More information on heights can be found on our website under the fitting section.

This is what Mark sent us along with his photo’s:

“Hi Claire,
We are very pleased with our new canopy installation, it looks fantastic,
I have attached a few photos in case you wish to use them in your gallery.
Best regards¬†Mark”

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