Life Changing Canopy

Life Changing Canopy

When Charles and his family decided to purchase and install a canopy for their garden, they couldn’t have imagined how life changing their canopy would be. They already used their patio area for al-fresco dining and garden parties, but couldn’t plan events far into the future due to the unpredictable weather. After installing a canopy in their garden, Charles and his family can now plan weeks in advance, because regardless of the weather, they will stay nice and dry whilst they entertain guests.

Here is a great shot of the garden before any installation took place.

LuMac Canopies

Here is the garden after the canopy was installed.

Life Changing Canopy

Charles said: “Our LuMac Canopies have changes the way we live. The whole patio area is warmer and dry. We spend hour out there we call it our inside outside room. We love it!”

Here is how Charles and his family decided to use the space.

Garden Patio Canopy

We can imagine your family spending lots of time out here!