Freestanding Gable T2

Protect your vehicle with a freestanding Carport!

A LuMac Freestanding Gable T2 canopy offers protection for your car, caravan, motorcycle or any other vehicle. We stock white and brown frames & can offer custom colours on request.

Roof panels are made from 16mm multi-wall polycarbonate and are available in Clear, and Opal. Include UV protection.

All our canopies come with a 10 year guarantee.

Please see our latest promotional prices below.


For our latest prices, please contact us!
Or get your free, no obligation, personalized quote here!

For our latest prices, please contact us!
Or get your free, no obligation, personalized quote here!

Ordering your canopy & arranging delivery is only 4 easy steps away!

Measure the area you would like covered. You measure the distance away from the wall (we call this Projection). Then You measure along the wall (we call this Width). You do not need to worry about taking the slope of the roof into account, we do this for you so you can just measure the area on the ground you would like to cover. For useful documents to help with working out heights please Click Here.
Find the size canopy you would like from the area below. If your size is between the listed sizes then you just pick the next size up and we cut it to your specific dimensions free of charge for you. For example if you would like a 2.7m projection x 2.7m width you can select the “3.0 x 2.8″ then we modify this especially for you to the dimensions you give us. You will be asked for exact dimensions at section 3 next. Or fill in our quote form
By filling in our quote form (Click Here) you will be emailed a quote that contains your dimensions and canopy specification. This email will contain a secure payment link that allows you to order using your Debit/Credit card or PayPal account. After your order arrives we call you straight back to agree a delivery date that suits you.
Delivery can almost always be achieved within 2 weeks, and in most cases much sooner. Once your order arrives with us we call you to confirm it is exactly what you want then agree a delivery date that best suits you. If you wish to change your delivery date later that is still ok up to 2 days before you are expecting your delivery.
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