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Canopy Extension

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Canopy Extension

Canopy Extension

Creating A Usable Space With A Canopy Extension

Like most of our customers, Robert had space in his garden that wasn’t being used as well as it could be. After getting in contact with us and letting us know the dimensions of his garden and area needing covering, we could provide him with a range of options for his canopy extension. When he received his Lumac canopy, Robert decided to perform the install himself, using our easy to understand instructions.

“It [The Canopy] has opened up the area to the side of our house into a very usable space. The project isn’t finished, we still need to do the flooring but have not decided on tile or decking yet. The canopy was easy to erect and all fitted together perfectly, my wife and I did most of the work with a little help from my brother in law to fit the wall plate to the house.”

Canopy Extension

When asked about the service he was provide by Lumac Canopies, he said.

“Fantastic service all round and recommended to friends.”

We’re very pleased Robert has been able to create a whole new area for his family. We look forward to seeing the finished space!

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