Sky View

Check out this amazing sky view, possible with our Clear as Glass roofing system. The 6mm plate polycarbonate sheets have the appearance of glass, but are much stronger and lighter. This makes them the perfect choice for this type of structure. If you have Bi-fold doors and do not want to block natural light, this could be the solution for you.

Early evening sky views

Choose a package for your own sky view

We have a range of canopies to suit every need and budget. You can purchase the canopy and build yourself, or have our friendly team build it for you. We also offer a premium veranda, which is the one shown in this image. This all round package includes an upgraded canopy, full installation services and a pre-site survey. The end result is a cosy living spaces which makes your garden accessible all year round. Another bonus is that unlike a garden room, you can still enjoy the nicer weather when we do get some!

Sky view, also available in a white frame

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