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Garden Cover

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Clear As Glass

Our Clear As Glass Canopies are our premium product. They offer all the advantages of glass without any of the weight, cost or danger & include UV protection. This material looks exactly like glass and is completely clear. It does not suffer from misting or yellowing over time and is incredibly strong.

Made from 6mm solid-plate polycarbonate.

All our canopies come with a 10 year guarantee.

Ordering your canopy & arranging delivery is just 4 easy steps!



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Freestanding Mono

Freestanding mono pitch structure. If you do not have a wall to fix to.

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Freestanding GT1

Freestanding gable structure (Type 1). With a ridge and no center posts.

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Freestanding GT2

Freestanding gable structure (Type 2). With a ridge and center posts.

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