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How to measure for a canopy

How to measure for a canopy

How to measure for a canopy is a question our customer’s often ask because it is how we provide a quote. The first measurements which need to be taken are simple, just the length and projection. You can do this at ground level because we will help to work out the angles needed to allow for the pitch.

The diagram below show’s the length and projection of the canopy:

how to measure for a canopy

Where will the canopy sit?

The canopy will sit inside the measurements you provide for length and projection. This includes the leg posts, which means no part of the canopy will protrude over the size you give us. Also as each canopy is made to measure we can be very precise with providing exactly what is needed.

What other measurements are needed?

Once you are happy with the overall size of the canopy it is worth checking that you have enough height available on the attaching wall for a lean to style. The height is flexible because the canopy can be fitted at between 5 and 20 degrees. We recommend 10 degrees as the optimum pitch if you have room. This is our wallplate height chart which can be used to help work this out:

Calculate wallplate height

The wallplate itself is 150mm so this would need to be added on to the calculation to find the overall height. If any help is needed with this process our friendly team can help.

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