Crocodile or LuMac?

Looking for a canopy...why choose LuMac

So you have decided you would like a canopy for your outside space but not sure which one to go for? You may be thinking Crocodile or LuMac? In this article we look into the process of buying a canopy and the benefits of choosing us over some of the alternatives available. 

Is it a case of the more expensive the better the product?

When thinking about buying something we all like to shop around for the best deal. Price, quality and longevity are usually the main deciding factors, and when it comes to canopies it’s exactly the same. 

Here at LuMac, canopies is all we do, and because it is the only product we supply we are able to focus completely on delivering the best canopy around. We believe in making the buying process as simple as possible so that you can have your canopy ordered and fitted in a matter of weeks. 

We leave the measuring to you, as it a case of two simple measurements which can be taken at ground level, and this means we do not have to pass the cost of countless other visits all around the UK onto the canopy prices. It also means we can provide competitive pricing, and you can be sure you are only paying for your canopy. 

Some larger canopy companies, such as Crocodile, offer free visits as part of their package, but of course we all know nothing is actually free. The combined cost of this is usually added into your overall quote, without being labelled as such. Our quotes are kept very simple, one cost for the canopy, based on the materials and cutting process as they are all made to measure. Then one extra costing can be added if you would like us to fit the canopy for you. It really is as simple as that! The end result is a fair and realistic price which reflects the quality of the product but without any hidden or build in extras you don’t really need. 

So to answer our original question, expensive is not always best! You can have a quality canopy at an affordable price. 

What sets us apart from the rest?

Our canopy design is unique, and has been carefully thought out to be safe, strong and an attractive addition to your home. We use powder coated aluminium to ensure the canopy is unaffected by weather conditions, and offer two types of roofing so there is an option for all the potential uses. 

Some customers like to install a canopy in their garden to protect their outdoor furniture, or just to create a cosy space to enjoy all year round. Others use their LuMac canopy as a car port, to protect their valuable classic cars or motorbikes. Finally, a great use can be to cover your hot tub, as the roof allows you to still have that great view of the stars, and you can still go out for a dip when it’s raining – very handy in the UK!

How to get a quote?

The best way to check if our canopy is right for you is to get a quote using our handy online form. We just need those two simple measurements and we can provide a bespoke quote. Alternatively our full price list is available to view under our products and prices page. If you are looking for a size which is in between our standard profile sizes listed, you would purchase the next size up and it would be altered to your specific size as part of the price. As we are confident in our fair pricing, you can always view them on our website here:

LuMac Canopy

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us on 01462 888073, our friendly team are here to help.