Canopy next to a dwarf wall

This customer fitted the canopy next to a dwarf wall. The legs were set into footings right up to the wall to create a very neat finish.

Sinking the legs when the canopy is next to a dwarf wall

It is important to sink the legs into underground footings to ensure maximum stability in any weather. Even if you have an existing patio our expert fitting team can lift and re-lay after setting the legs. As you can see from this image it will look as though the canopy has always been there. For more information on fitting please see our helpful fitting guide here:

Leg positions

The legs can be moved along the length, as long as there is no more than 3 metres span between any two leg posts. The legs can also be moved in from each end by up to 500mm on each side. In this case our customer wanted the leg position moved slightly so that they framed the steps in their garden, as shown in the image below:

Canopy next to a dwarf wall

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