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Canopy leg placement

Canopy leg placement

The amount of legs required is calculated based on weight loading and stability. However the canopy leg placement is flexible because this is decided during fitting. Most importantly there can be no more than 3 metres gap between any two posts. This is an example photo of the standard leg placement. This is one at each end, then the others equally spaced in between.

leg placement

3 leg posts

Leg posts moved in

The end leg posts can be moved in by up to 500mm from each end. This means the longest length possible with 2 legs is 4 metres. This method can be used when trying to avoid an obstacle such as a drain cover, or because the longest length with the fewest legs is preferred by the customer. The photo below shows what this looks like when fitted:

leg posts moved in from end

Leg post moved in

Extra leg posts

You can add to the amount of legs structurally required if you would like to. This can be to make the look more even, because some customers have a path running through. If you would like your own bespoke quote pleaseĀ Click here

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