Canopy at night

LuMac canopies look great during the day, but take a look at how fantastic a canopy at night can look. The addition of lighting can really add to the overall finish. There are so many possibilities of what can be added following the installation of a canopy.

Alex sent in these images to show how pleased he is with the end result. The canopy can be enhanced with extra’s, such as the lights he has added. Just imagine sitting here with your friends and family – perfect! Also, just so you can see the canopy in daylight, here is another of Alex’s photos:

This canopy features the Anthracite grey frame and 16mm Opal roofing. The 16mm range also includes Clear and Bronze. Check out this example of the clear roofing option:

If you would like to see how your own canopy at night would look, contact us today for a free quote, using this link As long as there is a brick building to attach to you can usually fit a Lean To canopy. More information on heights can be found under the fitting tab on our website. But we are always here to help with any questions, just call 01462 888073.