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Re-purposed Lean To Canopy

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Re-purposed Lean To

Re-purposed Lean To Canopy

“We wanted an area we could utilise in the winter for the plants, drying washing, and shelter from the rain. It’s worked out perfectly, everyone that comes around remarks on it”. Keith and Jackie absolutely love their Lean To Canopy, and make good use of it.

Re-purposing the Lean To Canopy

Keith and Jackie needed an area in their garden which has 365 day protection from the weather, they saw the Carport Canopy on our website and decided to re-purpose it for their needs. They are so impressed with the results that they are considering getting another Carport Canopy.

We offer other fantastic canopy options which you can see here.

Re-purposed Lean To

Keith and Jackie didn’t want to make use of our installation service as they found the instructions simple to read and understand. If they didn’t know anything they searched for the answers online. If they had rung us, however, we would have been delighted to help!

Getting a Quote for a Lean To

“Buying and installing the product couldn’t have been simpler. I measured the area I wanted to cover and called LuMac. I spoke to one of the designers who gave me the technical specification and talked through the project.”

Keith and Jackie saw the benefit of having a phone call with our exceptional team, if you want to speak to them too, visit our contact page.

We are always here to help and answer your questions so please feel free to