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Patio Cover

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leg posts moved in from end

Patio Cover

LuMac Garden and Patio Covers make an attractive addition to any home. We stock white, brown & Grey frames and can offer custom colors on request.

Patio Cover

Many thanks to all at Lumac Canopy’s, and especially Claire in the office after all the problems
caused by the couriers, she was very helpful, courteous and professional.

Very pleased with the canopy which has replaced a tired lean-to green house.

My wife was very doubtful when I first suggested a canopy but now loves it. She says
it will be ideal for standing washing under when it’s raining, oh dear!

Fitting instructions are were very easy to follow. The one thing I would suggest if I may
is to be aware the projection difference if the roof is changed from 10 degrees when
digging the footings for the supporting posts, especially on 2m or less roof lengths.
I wanted to mirror the extension roof the canopy is set against which is 20 degrees.
That altered the projection of the posts by 10-11cm.

Just have to lay a new patio now!

Best regards

Paul Crown

To measure a canopy:

Measure the area you would like covered. You measure the distance away from the wall (we call this Projection). Then You measure along the wall (we call this Width). You do not need to worry about taking the slope of the roof into account, we do this for you so you can just measure the area on the ground you would like covering. For useful documents to help with working out heights please Click Here.

We are always here to help and answer your questions so please feel free to