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Canopy cost just 30p per day…

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Canopy cost just 30p per day…

Hi Claire,
I thought other customers of yours may find it interesting how I justified buying one of your LuMac canopies. I basically looked at how much will it cost me per day vs all the benefits it will give me. I’m 57 years old and figured I would be staying at my property for at least ten more years, so I did the following simple calculations:
Cost of canopy: £1,108

10 year cost per day: 30pence per day! 

Then I thought what if I happen to move in either 5 or 3 years for unforeseen circumstances:

5 year cost per day: 61pence per day! 

3 year cost per day: £1 per day! 

I even found after my LuMac Canopy had been installed that it increased the value of my property more than the cost of the canopy anyway, which meant it actually made me money rather than cost me in the end! 

I’m really happy!

Feel free to use these words on your website if you wish. 


Jonathan whittle 

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