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Patio Cover

LuMac Garden and Patio Covers make an attractive addition to any home. We stock white, brown & Grey frames and can offer custom colors on request.

Patio Cover

Many thanks to all at Lumac Canopy’s, and especially Claire in the office after all the problems
caused by the couriers, she was very helpful, courteous and professional.

Very pleased with the canopy which has replaced a tired lean-to green house.

My wife was very doubtful when I first suggested a canopy but now loves it. She says
it will be ideal for standing washing under when it’s raining, oh dear!

Fitting instructions are were very easy to follow. The one thing I would suggest if I may
is to be aware the projection difference if the roof is changed from 10 degrees when
digging the footings for the supporting posts, especially on 2m or less roof lengths.
I wanted to mirror the extension roof the canopy is set against which is 20 degrees.
That altered the projection of the posts by 10-11cm.

Just have to lay a new patio now!

Best regards

Paul Crown

To measure a canopy:

Measure the area you would like covered. You measure the distance away from the wall (we call this Projection). Then You measure along the wall (we call this Width). You do not need to worry about taking the slope of the roof into account, we do this for you so you can just measure the area on the ground you would like covering. For useful documents to help with working out heights please Click Here.

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Premium Veranda

Premium Veranda

This Premium Veranda offers great protection from the elements throughout the year and looks stunning. James and Julie think so to “It provides us an opportunity 365 days a year 24/7 to live the alfresco lifestyle.”

Premium Veranda Spaces

James and Julie approached us for their premium veranda following an internet search and reading our brilliant reviews. “We cannot thank LuMac and the team enough for the professional service and installation throughout our order.”.

This particular installation makes the patio area almost like another room in the house. We love what you have done with the veranda and it is definitely in keeping with the theme of your garden!

James and Julie decided to make use of our installation service and this made the whole process much simpler for them. And like all our customers they have a ten year guarantee.

Premium Veranda

Premium Veranda Quote

Quoting for your premium veranda is very straight forward. All we need are two measurements and some photographs, or a home visit. We ask all our customers to call us to discuss all the options before settling on a product. By doing this we guarantee you the best price available and an unrivalled service.

For more information speak to one of our friendly team members by clicking here.

Enjoy your all weather garden space James and Julie!

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Re-purposed Lean To

Re-purposed Lean To Canopy

“We wanted an area we could utilise in the winter for the plants, drying washing, and shelter from the rain. It’s worked out perfectly, everyone that comes around remarks on it”. Keith and Jackie absolutely love their Lean To Canopy, and make good use of it.

Re-purposing the Lean To Canopy

Keith and Jackie needed an area in their garden which has 365 day protection from the weather, they saw the Carport Canopy on our website and decided to re-purpose it for their needs. They are so impressed with the results that they are considering getting another Carport Canopy.

We offer other fantastic canopy options which you can see here.

Re-purposed Lean To

Keith and Jackie didn’t want to make use of our installation service as they found the instructions simple to read and understand. If they didn’t know anything they searched for the answers online. If they had rung us, however, we would have been delighted to help!

Getting a Quote for a Lean To

“Buying and installing the product couldn’t have been simpler. I measured the area I wanted to cover and called LuMac. I spoke to one of the designers who gave me the technical specification and talked through the project.”

Keith and Jackie saw the benefit of having a phone call with our exceptional team, if you want to speak to them too, visit our contact page.

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Stylish Garden Canopy

A Stylish Garden Canopy Escape

Peter says that his Stylish Garden Canopy “has been a great investment, good value and was easy to install”. This stylish canopy looks idyllic in the sunshine!

Get Your Stylish Garden Canopy Before Summer

This garden canopy was installed just in time for summer, and Peter definitely saw the benefit of it. We can just imagine the friends and family gatherings he must have had!

Having a garden canopy gives you freedom to use your garden even when the weather isn’t quite as you’d like. You can see how the canopy blends into the style of the garden and patio, and does not impose on the seating area. Peter decided not to have the optional side panels as his fence provided protection from the wind, and leaves the seating area feeling more open.

We don’t just offer garden canopy options, we have a full range of products to suit your needs, see here.

We offer full supply and installation to all our customers, however you are welcome to install the canopy yourself. Peter did just that, and he was impressed with how easy it was to install, as it came with simple instructions.

Stylish Garden Canopy

Patio Canopy Quoting

We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service and this starts with the initial quote. Either you send us a photograph of the space you want a canopy for, or we will come to you and take two measurements – it’s that simple!

Click here to receive a free no-obligation quote.

See more stylish canopies on our Facebook page.

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Carol's Garden Canopy

Garden Canopy Cover Sanctuary

Here is a brilliant example of the personal value a garden canopy cover can provide. This is Carol’s garden canopy over, before and after installation.

Discover Your Perfect Garden Canopy Cover

“I just love my new LuMac canopy! Thank you LuMac for a great product which was delivered on the due date as promised and installed hassle free.”

Carol wanted to revitalise her garden space and create the perfect sanctuary to relax and escape the pressures of modern life. This brilliant canopy solution provides carol and her friends with shelter without imposing on the garden views or space.

Here is a before and after shot. We love what you have done with the garden Carol!

Before Canopy












After Garden Canopy

Find a Canopy and Receive a Quote

For more fantastic canopy options that serve all manner of purpose, click here.

We pride ourselves on offering every customer the best priced canopy available and will beat any like for like quote. We’ll even throw in a 10 year guarantee too!

For a no-obligation quote, just fill out a form and supply us with a few pictures if you can (click here).

Whilst you are more than welcome to fit your canopy yourself as all canopies come with easy to understand installation guides, we offer a complete supply and installation service.

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Patio Canopy

Patio Canopy Cover

Paul sent in this patio canopy cover photo and was incredibly pleased with the product. He says that, “friends and family have commented on the quality and usefulness of the product”.

Choosing the Right Patio Canopy Cover

This canopy offers Paul and his family an ‘all-weather’ open space in his garden. This canopy provides the perfect space for al-fresco dining without having to worry if the weather turns quickly.

Paul made use of the optional side panels which gives great wind protection. The optional side panels give you the choice to keep your canopy an open plan space, or create an extra room for your house.

Patio Canopy

We offer other great canopy options that all serve different purposes, see more here.

We want to be involved with your process from start to finish, but we are also happy to provide you with the canopy and let you build it yourself. In this case, we left Paul and his son to erect the canopy themselves, it took them two days, but the results are incredible!

Patio Canopy Cover Quote

When we quote for your canopies all we need it two measurements, you choose the specification you desire, we provide the competitive quote.

For more information on creating your own brilliant garden room contact our friendly team today! We can help guide your project so that you can enjoy your garden space all year round!

Enjoy those long summer evenings with your family Paul!

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Kids Playround

Kids Playground

Canopy with knee bracing:

The perfect Kids Playground!

Luke’s canopy makes for the perfect children’s play area, He said, “we love our LuMac Canopy so much we extended it! The kids we look after love it to, it means they can play out all year round!”.

We always enjoy finding out how you all use your canopies! 

Perfect for any kids playground:

We can provide canopies for private or commercial settings. The school canopies we provide meet all structural requirements and really do ensure year round play time. Contact us today for a quote!

Kids Playground

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Knee bracing:

This canopy used for a kids playground features the addition of knee bracing. We will advise if this is needed on your size of canopy but they can be added as a feature. Our canopies are tested under maximum wind and snow loading conditions to ensure they stand the test of time. Contact us today for your own bespoke quote!

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Perfect place to relax

LuMac Canopies

Garden Canopies are the perfect place to relax in the evening! Thank you to Andy to sending in this lovely photo of his canopy.

Garden Canopies

Patio and Garden Canopies

LuMac Garden Canopies and Patio Covers make an attractive addition to any home. We stock White, Brown & Grey frames & can offer custom colours on request.

See the full range here: http://lumaccanopies.co.uk/canopy-products/gardenpatio-covers/

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Customize your own LuMac Canopy

Andy’s photos shows how adding some lighting to your canopy can transform a space. For entertaining or relaxing a garden canopy is a great addition to your home.

Or why not add a side to your finished canopy for protection from the wind. Just contact our team to find out how we can help build your perfect outside space.

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Mustang Carport

Mustang Carport

A Carport fit for a Mustang

Paul’s Mustang Carport means his car is well protected from all the elements.

Many thanks for sending in the picture of your carport Paul, we love to see our canopies in use!

Order yours today: http://lumaccanopies.co.uk/canopy-products/canopies-carports/

Mustang Carport

Mustang Carport

This canopy is in our popular Anthracite grey finish, to blend in perfectly with modern homes. The customer has teamed it with our 16mm polycarbonate roofing in a Clear finish. This roof style is also available in Opal and Bronze. As you can see the frame can be added to if you would like to further enclose the space.


If you would like to see how a LuMac canopy could transform your outside space contact us today!

Get a carport quote

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Garden Sanctuary

Garden Canopy Cover

This garden canopy cover photo was sent in by out happy customer Deborah. It looks like the perfect place to enjoy the garden from, a real garden sanctuary!

Creating a garden canopy cover:

This canopy provides an enclosed area of the garden which can be enjoyed all year round. The LuMac canopy can be used to store garden furniture whatever the weather without having to move it each season, as shown in this example.

The canopy is a great blank canvas which can be added to with decorations or our side and front infills. The infills can enclose more of the canopy to provide shelter from the elements or more privacy.

At LuMac we want to be part of the process from start to finish and can help to advise on the type of canopy best suited to any space. With just two measurements we can provide a competitive quote for the specification you choose. We are also happy to assess photos that are sent in to ensure we provide the right solution for each customer.

Explore our full range here http://lumaccanopies.co.uk/canopy-products/

Garden canopy cover

Get your garden canopy cover quote today

For more information on creating your own garden sanctuary contact our friendly team today. We can help to guide your project so that you too can start enjoying your outside space all year round.

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We are always here to help and answer your questions so please feel free to